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I'm Emily Morgan

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with adults who have experienced negative childhood experiences or significant loss.

My goal is to help you interrupt negative patterns, heal from past experiences, overcome grief and loss and guide you toward healing and transformation.

My Journey To Becoming A Therapist

My own growth through personal life struggles is what helps me relate so deeply with clients.

In my late 20s I went on a journey to heal wounds from my parent’s divorce. Through that experience I realized how truly connected we are to the experiences we have as children. 

After graduate school and working as a therapist for some time, my mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. This experience was devastating and took me on another journey toward healing such deep and all encompassing grief. 

Over my career as I worked with those experiencing long-term and complex trauma I knew I had to heal myself  in order to truly support others.

Helping People Is A Gift To Others, But Also Myself

Being a therapist is fulfilling. I love guiding people towards positive changes and watching them transform their lives. The most rewarding thing about being a therapist is seeing a person walk away lighter, more free, and excited about their life.

I am committed to encouraging you to seek healing and transformation.

I Have Empathy For Others And Bring An Open, Non-judgemental Presence To Sessions

I have a natural ability to uncover what's under the surface and help people connect their current concerns to their past experiences.

People who know me often say that I am a good listener who can be fully present for people's stories, even if they are difficult stories.

Our Sessions Are Focused On You

Sessions will provide you with the space to be understood and heard. In feeling safe and comfortable, you'll be able to feel what you need to feel.

It's important to me to ensure that the process is collaborative. There isn't a "one size fits all" approach to Therapy. Our sessions will fit your specific needs and concerns.

As A Therapist, I Embrace The
Following Philosophies

I believe that you deserve to feel better.

I believe that change is possible when you allow yourself the space to do the work.

I believe that taking care of yourself is the most generous thing you can do for the world.

I believe that people underestimate their ability to change. It's possible to change. It's possible to enjoy life.

My Professional Background

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at San Diego State University. Afterwards, I also received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant University, California School of Professional Psychology.

I hold a license for the State of California and am approved to provide tele-health services within the state of Florida.

I am an ARC trainer and an Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist. I provide clinical supervision to intern therapists who are working toward becoming trauma-informed therapists.

I have extensive experience treating clients with complex trauma in both the residential and out-patient settings.


Let’s Discover How I Can Help

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